Horácio Tomé Marques

Horácio Tomé Marques is an artist, designer and researcher with more than 30 years of practice and transdisciplinary work production covering a wide spectrum of areas, including painting, music, digital 3d, and 360 interactive visualization. He has been at the front of innovative multimedia projects, some now historical and of national relevance, like the very-first virtual visit to the National Parliament. In the last decade, he has been developing performative real-time generative audio-visual projects using technology such as brain-computer interfaces and methods such as neurofeedback/ biofeedback. He has been performing and participating in national and international events/ venues such as music festivals, art exhibitions, techno art hackathons, in concert halls, museums, and contemporary art galleries. He is an awarded artist/ researcher.

 Horácio is Doctor in Digital Media (Audio-visual and Interactive Content Creation), by the University of Porto and Nova University of Lisbon (UT Austin Portugal Program). Also holds a Licenciatura in Communication Design/Graphic Arts by the Fine Arts School of the University of Porto. He is Adjunct Professor in the School of Media Arts and Design (Department of Multimedia), Polytechnic of Porto, where coordinates the course of Motion Design and VFX. He also is the current director of the Research Unit in Media Arts and Design (uniMAD).

Research interests

  • Media/ Multimedia Arts
  • Interfaces for communications and art expression
  • Art, Science and Technology intersections