Kathleen Rogers

Kathleen Rogers is a visual artist working within interdisciplinary fields that intersect the arts and humanities, and the life sciences, assimilating themes from posthuman theory to explore affinities between advanced life sciences and deep ecologies of matter. Reflecting on concepts of the posthuman and the Anthropocene, her work seeks to demonstrate ways in which the visual arts can shift and challenge meaning in advanced scientific cultural contexts to expand the cultural, ethical and social dimensions and impact of art and science on culture and human identity. For more than two decades she has worked in the expo­nentially expanding fields of media art, gaining recognition as an artist and scholar in communities of practice ranging from performance, video art and vir­tual reality, telepresence, the sensory interfacing of the human body and bio-art. Her projects have been exhibited internationally, including representation in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, USA, Japan, Russia and Lithuania, and is held in international public collections in the UK and Russia. She is a Professor of Media Arts and Science, Faculty of Art, Media & Communication Design, School of Fine Art and Photography, teaching Digital Arts and Film at the University for the Creative Arts, UK.